Alexandria (Alex Simões Ferreira) was born in 1978. He began his artwork in 1990, using the media of wood, soapstone and metal under the tutelage of his father, the sculptor Simões.

For a number of years he presented his artwork at the weekly art fair of Maputo. Later he participated in collective and solo exhibitions and on the occasion of conferences on art and other cultural events.

He is a member of the Núcleo de Arte in Maputo and of LATTICE (association linking teachers in different educational areas) in the USA. His work is represented in various public and private collections in Mozambique and abroad.


  • 1996 - National Museum of Art - Maputo
  • 1997 - National Commission for UNESCO - Maputo
  • 1998 - National Union of Journalists, Portuguese Cultural Center, Shanty Craft, Center for Brazilian Studies, House of Culture - Maputo
  • 1999 - French, Franco Mozambican Cultural Center, National Museum of Art-Maputo
  • 2000 - Shanty Craft, Franco Mozambican Cultural Center, Center for Art - Maputo, Chissano Museum & Gallery - Matola
  • 2001 - Museum & Gallery Chissano, Matola, Mozambique Franco Center - Maputo, TDM-Bienale National Art Museum, Center for Brazilian Studies - Maputo
  • 2002 - Fortaleza de Maputo, Chissano Museum & Gallery - Matola, Richarsbau Festival-South Africa
  • 2003 - Solo exhibition - Commercial Investment Bank, Maputo, Cultural Center of the Bank of Mozambique - Matola, triangular exhibition with artists and Simioni Ville, Vermont, USA
  • 2004 - Bank of Mozambique, Matola, Center for Brazilian Studies - Exhibition in hounour of Brazilian President Lula da Silva, MOZAL - second phase expansion, Photography Association of Mozambique - Victims of 2004 flood
  • 2005 - Semiindividual exhibition with artist Simioni, Absolute Gallery, Lansing, Michigan, USA, Historic Museum, Michigan, USA
  • 2006 - Exhibition for new talents with artist Simioni, Museum & Gallery Chissano, Matola 2007 - Solo exhibition "House of God"
Collective Exhibitiom
  • BCI Fomento, Center for Art - Maputo
Cultural Events
  • 1998 - Auction "In memory of artist Carlos Bento Mukeswane" - Maputo
  • 2000 - Workshop with Finnish group "Project Finlambique" - Maputo
  • 2001 - Workshop, Museum & Gallery Chissano - Matola
  • 2003 - Workshop with artists Penicela, Simioni and Nhamundwa Mathe, Meseu & Gallery Chissano, Matola
  • 2004 - Workshop co Simioni artists and Villa, Open Studio, New York, USA Residence Program Workshop, Vermont Studio Center, USA, Workshop "In memory of Master Chissano, Museum & Gallery Chissano - Matola
  • 2005 - African Week, Michigan State University, USA, Presentation for International Speaker Bureau, highschool Haslett, Michigan
  • 2006 - Organized the festival "New meeting with cultural roots" with artist Penicela, Museum & Gallery Chissano, Matola
  • 2007 - Workshop "Recalling Master Chissano, Museum & Gallery Chissano - Matola

Berenice, Josephine Bikle, Berry Bickle, born in Bulawayo 1959.

Education - Durban Technical College: National Diploma in Fine Art (Honours), Higher national Diploma in Fine Art (Honours); Rhodes University: Masters Degree in Fine Arts, practical (Honours).

Berry lives and works in Maputo.

Selected Exhibitions
  • 2008 - Maputo, Contemporary Ceramics, National Gallery Zimbabwe Harare, As You like it Curated Exhibition Johannesburg Art Fair, Animals-Caracterizção and Representation, National Museum of Art Maputo
  • 2007 - African Encounters of Photography, Bamako, Globe Circumnavigating the Palais des Beaux Arts Brussels, Africa Remix Johannesburg Art Gallery, The eye screen, Casino Luxembourg Forum d'Art Contemporain Luxembourg, Shadow Works Biennale International des Arts de la Marionnette, Le Theater International de la Cite Paris
  • 2006 - "Body of Evidence" Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African Art Washington, "Notes to home" The Johannesburg Drill Hall, "Dak'Art," 7th Biennale de l'Art African Contemporain, Dakar Senegal, "Africa Remix, Mori Tokyo Art Museum, "Des Hommes sans Histoire" Musée des Arts Derniers Paris
  • 2005 - Africa Body and Soul Remix Hayward Gallery London; Africaurbris, Musée des Arts Derniers, Paris; Transitions, Brunei Gallery SOAS London, Textures, Smith sonian Institute National Museum of African Art Washington, 30 years, Gallery Delta, Harare, Africa Remix, Body and Soul Section, Center Pompidou, Paris
  • 2004 - Africa Remix, Museum Kunst Palast Dusseldorf, Step Inside, Tapfuma Guts Benoit Piret, Ndenga Bato, Ghert Van der Borght, Dieleman Gallery, Visions of Zimbabwe, Manchester City Gallery, Les Afrique, Musée des Arts Derniers, Paris, Free-waves Video Festival Los Angeles
  • 2003 - Face to face with Zimbabwe, National Gallery HIFA Harare, Here and There with Benoit Piret, Dieleman Gallery, Belgium, Video Brazil, Sao Paulo video art festival
  • 2002 - Dak'Art 2002, individual exposions, myth, memory and concept; Kakuyo 'between a rock and a far away place' with Tapfuma Guts Dieleman Gallery, Belgium; Africa: The Artist and the City: A Journey and an Exhibition, Barcelona , Spain
  • 2001 - Time of Africa, Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, Gran Canaria "Siyaphambili-2000, National Gallery, Harare; Art dans le Monde, Paris
  • 1999 - Artists against landmines, Franco Mozambican Cultural Center, Maputo, World Video Festival, Gates Foundation, Amsterdam, Artistes contemporains of Zimbabwe, Pierre Gallery, Paris, Women in African Art, Vienna
  • 1996 - MBCA-Decade of Award Winners, National Gallery, Harare
  • 1995 - Johannesburg Biennale Africus, On the road, Africa'95, London
  • 1993 - Zimbabwe / Tanzania: contemporary artists, Helsinki
casimiro langa

Casimiro Naftal Langa was born in Maputo in 1982. He comes from a family of sculptors and isb a disciple of his father, Naftal Langa.

 In 1990 he started sculpting in his father´s workshop. He has been involved in training projects in the area of sculpture for kids and youth. He would like to continue his studies in fine art.

 Collective Exhibitions
  • 1999 - Gallery of Maputo Airport
  • 2001 - "Decoberta" House of the Alto Maé Cultrura
  • 2007 - Center for Art, Maputo
  • 2007 - Center for Brazilian Studies, Maputo
  • 2008 - Artsanbique, Maputo
  • 2004 - Mozambique Cultural Institute - Germany, Maputo
  • 2008 - Artsambique
  • 2008 - "3rd Prize - Exhibition of the National Youth
  • 2008 - "3rd Prize - Exhibition of the National Youth
ciro jorge pereira

Ciro Jorge Pereira was born in 1957 in the City of Porto, Portugal. Began operations in 1975 as a graphic artist.

Worked in studio "Praxis" until 1977 and the Company "Size 6" by 1980. Attended Training Course National Art Society of Fine Arts of Lisbon (1977/79), and in parallel is dedicated to musical activities excutante as the violin.

Lies in Mozambique since 1980. Worked in design at the Ministry of Industry and Energy (1980/82), Ministry of Information / Intermark (1982/84), Secretary of State for Agricultural Hydraulics (1986/93), where he founded and directed the company Grafigest-technical services and Information Technology , the company Graphic (1994/96), also engaged in the painting, scenery and cultural animation. Continues its activity as a member of musical group "Corn King."

He is a member of the Mozambican Association of Musicians. It is a founding member of Kulungwana - Association for the Development Cutural. Since 1998 the Minister for Violin Beginner Course Commission for UNESCO, in Maputo. He was a member of the Organizing Committee of the Studied Music at the School of Communication and Arts of the EMU, where he currently is professor of "main instrument - violin." Recently joined the group of music teachers from the TV program "Fame Show 2005, taking lessons from" performance ".


Made six solo exhibitions and participated in over forty group exhibitions. Is represented in public and private collections in Mozambique, Portugal, USA, Zimbabwe and South Africa obtained the First Prize for Painting MUSART / TDM - Annual Collective Exhibition at the National Museum of Art / Telecommunication of Mozambique in 1997 (ex aequo) in Maputo, Mozambique.

Since 1997 works at the Instituto Camões - Portuguese Cultural Center in Maputo, currently playing the role of Advisor for Arts and Cultural Animation. He was Vice - President of the Center for Art in Maputo, between 2005 and 2007.

Solo Exhibitions
  • 1993 - "Melomania" Mozambican Asssociation of Photography, Maputo
  • 1994 - Mozambican Asssociation of Photography
  • 1996 - "Dream Window" - Mozambican Association of Photography, Maputo
  • 1997 - "Size unsuspected" - Instituto Camões - Portuguese Cultural Center, Maputo
  • 2000 - "16 Acrylic screen without" - Mozambican Association of Photography, Maputo
  • 2007 - "Between the sky and the sea" - Instituto Camões - Portuguese Cultural Center, Beira